Setting up a dashboard is great to see your data visually, but so is applying a filter for future safe-keeping.

Filters aid in seeing data patterns that are important to you.

How does one set it up?

Start by clicking the 'Add Filter' button.

Add Filter

You can give a name to your filter and select the type of filter you want to add. There are two main types of filters- the dropdown and the date range.

You will have to select a column for every data source used in the dashboard on which the filter will be evaluated.

Setup Filter

Once the filter is added you will able to see it on the top panel of the dashboard and can apply them in any combination to analyze your data.

Filter options

Deleting and Editing Filters

You can also delete or edit existing filters by clicking on the icon next to each of them.

Here is a short video that will help you understand all about applying and using dashboard filters:

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