What good is data if you can't keep it safe?

Well, you don't have to look too far as the data access feature on GRID is meant to keep things personal 🤫

So, how does one set it up?

Click on data access from the three-dotted icon on your worksheet card

You'll see something like this.
Data Access

Next up, go ahead and define the column of your data filter.

If you would like to show your user only the data entered by them, select entry_user_id as your filter. To apply Data Access on any other User Listing, you can select the User Listing field from the drop-down list.
Define the column

Post this, you can choose the user set for whom you're creating this filter for multiple combinations.
Their role can be chosen from the admin/user tab along with the team they work for. The filters can be set at both role and team level.
Define the audience

While toggling the button between the user and the team level, you can either decide to show the only data of a particular user to them or data from all the users in their team.

Lastly, you can allow data access on either the view or the entry mode.

Data Access on view will let the user view the data they have access to in the view page of the worksheet, the visibility of rows depends on the filtering selected in Step 1.

Data Access on entry is useful when you have a Link to Worksheet column where the concerned worksheet is the source.

In the linked worksheet, if you want the users to select data that they have been assigned in the source worksheet, enable data access on the source worksheet, The set-up is the same as given above, only the modal selection selected is entry instead of view.

To know more about, link to worksheet column, click here.

Did you find the process a little hard to follow? View the below video to understand data access functionality better.
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