We all love to keep our data organized while scrapping out the information we do not really need ❎

Here is where deleting or purging data comes to play.

There are two ways to delete data on your GRID worksheet:

Deleting selected rows of data
Click on the Delete Selected button on the top left panel of the worksheet. Do note, you’ll be asked to confirm your action before hitting delete.
Deleting selected rows

Only those users, who have access to deleting data for the particular worksheet can do so.

To know more about setting different accesses on Grid, check out this support article

Purging entire data set
To purge the entire (or filtered) data in a worksheet, click on the Purge Data button on the top right panel of the view page and enter your password.
Purging Data

Be very careful while using this option as this will permanently delete your data from the worksheet.
Purging data

In this video we layout the these features for you:

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