Granular access management = Personalized Grid = Happier people 😍

There are three access types that you can use to effectively manage the data and workflows you setup on Grid. An added advantage of efficient access management is a highly personalized experience for your end-users. The following access types make organization management a breeze:

Data entry access: Granting the entry access allows your users to enter data on Grid using the web or mobile app.

View access: View access grants the user access to view the data that has been captured on a particular worksheet or column.

Pro tip: Use the Data Access feature to ensure users with view access only see the data they enter on a particular worksheet. Learn more about Data Access here.

Edit access: Edit access lets you grant access to edit already entered data by any user at a worksheet, or a column level.

Delete access: Both advanced and basic users. The user will need to enter their password as a confirmation to delete any data that has been entered on Grid.
Access Management

Ready to start giving accesses to users on your teams? Learn how to manage accesses here.

Pro tip: You can use different access to create effective approval management systems on Grid.
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