At GRID, we like to keep things super simple πŸ˜‰

That's why our entry module is as simple as entering data on any common application like Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel.

All the extensive column types have different ways of accepting user input.

And the fun thing is how all validations are performed during data entry, keeping users informed of errors right from the start.

You can also make your data entry faster by pressing Shift + Down to copy values to target cells.

Here is a sample entry sheet:
Data Entry

Once the row is validated (with correct inputs) , you can see the tick mark on the action column being highlighted. This sign means a success party for your data validation.

The same icon can be used to submit that particular row of data.

Submit Data

You can also use the Submit button on the Worksheet Toolbar to submit all validated rows in one click as shown in the above image.

Here is short video with all the shortcuts you need to keep things quick:

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