Notifications act as important alerts for the right person, with the right ping at the right time! 😎

GRID gives you the option to set notifications/reminders for the actions that matter on your chosen worksheet.

Who is it for?

For a fixed list of users. Your fixed list can consist of project managers or worksheet owners who need to be pinged about all the happenings on the worksheet.
For a dynamic list of users. These users can be tagged from the user listing columns (described in detail below). This is great for actions related to updating notifications, task allocations, approval tagging, etc.

To configure a notification for a worksheet, click on the worksheet option and open the notifications panel.

Firstly, you define the action

There are four actions from which you can send alerts:

Data Entry
Data Edit
Data Deletion
Reminders for Upcoming Dates/Tasks

The recipient gets an alert based on the action that is triggered for them.

The four actions

And, how's that done? 🤔

By choosing the recipient

This is pretty basic as all you need to do is select the role of the recipient, post which you'll be guided to a dropdown with their names. You can select Users option to send a notification to a fixed set of users. The User Type option lets you send the notification dynamically to users selected in any User Listing column.

Define recipient

Many times, it is not necessary to send pings to everyone about everything. That's where you can set your alerts like this 👇

Defining the content

A notification can also be set based on a 'content update' on a specific column of the worksheet. The content of the notification can be customized as per your requirement.

Define content

You can view all your currently configured notifications and the options to enable/disable, edit or delete them. To add a new notification configuration, click on Add Notification.

Imagine yourself as a logistics manager who just wants to be informed of data updates under the logistics tab. Well, that's how it can be done.

Lastly, notifications can be set according to the preferred medium of the recipient

You can choose to receive your notifications on email or push-up on mobile, or both if that's what you prefer.

Define Notification Mode
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