Dynamically generate values depending on user requirements!

A part of the advanced columns, the GRID formula (shown as the formula column) allows you to dynamically generate values on GRID worksheets.

There are 2 kinds of formula columns on Grid:
- Row Level
- Table Level

Row Level: This option lets you run calculations on 2 or more columns at the row-level using a simple SQL syntax.
In case you have a need to dynamically calculate your purchase value from quantity or price, this is a perfect way to formulate it.
Another way to make use of this formula is for the times you want to dynamically add 30 days to a date value.

Row Level

You can use any SQL compatible formula to make it function.
Given below is a simple age categorization using Case When statement in row level formula box.

Row Level Example

Table Level: The table formula type is one of the most unique and powerful functionalities of Grid worksheets.
Dynamically aggregate values from multiple worksheets and show real-time calculations on GRID while being as cool as a cucumber!

Table Level

Let's take the case of building an inventory management workflow with different worksheets for stock entry and stock issue. Though, what you require is a dynamic show of current inventory for a particular product.

Your answer = The dynamic formula! 🧮 See how to create that using this video.
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