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‘Offline’ toggle is now available on the homepage!

Enable or disable offline mode with a new toggle, “Offline Mode” present on the homepage in Grid Frontline.

‘Sync All’ option is available to sync all local entries!

Once you make an offline entry to any number of worksheets, ‘Sync All’ option appears automatically on the home page.

Click on the same to sync local entries of all worksheets at once. Click again on the 'sync all' symbol to view sync report.

Find workspace and division on the homepage!

Workspace and their respective divisions can now be viewed and navigated on the Grid Frontline home page.

Video upload in image field is now optional!

Admin can now enable or disable video upload while configuring an image column. Users can then upload image/video as required by admins.

If the video upload is enabled, then the video icon shows up in the image field, else it is not shown.

Date Time column is now enabled in the mobile app!

With this column, users can capture date along with the exact time in HH:mm format.

Download data now in asynchronous mode!

Previously, users needed to stay on the mobile app for download progress to complete. But now, you can download any required data without staying in the app.

Data gets downloaded in the background while you navigate to any other app/services.

Workspace reordering now reflects in the mobile app!

Whenever an admin reorders the workspaces on Grid Web app, it will now be reflected in the user Grid Frontline account as well.

Submit child table data with keys easily!

You can now submit key forms within the child table quickly without the confirmation prompt message.