Whatsapp Integration

To start using WhatsApp Business API with Twilio in production, you need to first enable your Twilio numbers for WhatsApp. Twilio utilizes the information in the form below to set-up the authorization.

Users need their Facebook Business Manager ID to initiate a request authorizing Twilio to message on their behalf. This is because WhatsApp uses your Facebook Business Manager account to identify your business and associate your phone numbers with it. If you do not already have a Facebook Business Manager account, follow Facebook's instructions to create one. Your Facebook Business Manager ID can be found in the "Business Info" section under Business Settings (Login required).

Enabling Twilio Numbers for WhatsApp

  1. In order to enable your Twilio number for WhatsApp, you will need to fill out Twilio's "Request Access" form with accurate and up-to-date information, including your Meta (Facebook) Business Manager ID. 

  2. The information must correspond to the company whose brand will be represented on the WhatsApp business profile. Providing incorrect information here can lead to delays in the onboarding process.

  3. Below is additional information on some of the fields on the "Request Access" form based on frequently asked questions:

  • Phone Number: The phone number where the user or business requesting access can be contacted, not your Twilio Phone Number.

  • Email Address: The address where Twilio will reach out with the next steps once your account is approved for use of the Twilio API for WhatsApp in production.

  • Are you working with an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), SI (System Integrator), or third party?: Since Grid users are neither an ISV nor an SI, select No.

  • Company Name, Website, HQ Country: Your company’s information. To avoid delays, this should be the same company name used in your Facebook Business Manager account, and the same name that will be displayed on the WhatsApp business profile, once you go live.

  • Twilio Account SID: Your primary Twilio Account SID. To find your Account SID, log into the console click the “Home” button, and locate your Account SID on the top right on the page. If this is a Flex account, use your Flex Project Sid.

  • Facebook Business Manager ID: This is equivalent to a Meta Business Manager ID. You can find this ID by following this link, or logging into business.facebook.com > clicking “Business Settings” > "Business Info" > Look for the Business Manager ID. (More information about submitting your Meta Business Manager ID)

    • "I've completed Facebook Business Verification": This is equivalent to completing Meta Business Verification. Learn more about Meta's verification process documentation.

    • "I understand Twilio can modify my SMS/Voice URL and that approval is only for the brand submitted": Twilio may momentarily use your Twilio number’s SMS or Voice URL to register your number with WhatsApp.

Await pre-approval from Twilio

  1. After you submit the "Request Access" form, you will receive an email confirming the form submission.

  2. Once Twilio reviews your account, you will receive an email with subject "You are now pre-approved to use Twilio APIs for WhatsApp". This message will contain the next steps for you to follow for submitting your sender Profile and WhatsApp Message Templates.

  3. Note : If your company has missing information or falls in a vertical forbidden by WhatsApp's commerce policy, Twilio may reject your submission. Final approval is provided by WhatsApp after you submit your sender profile (next step).

Submit the WhatsApp Sender on Twilio

  1. Click here or navigate to the Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp Senders section in the Twilio Console. Click the "Submit a WhatsApp Sender" button to create a new sender profile. If you already have a WhatsApp sender, the button will say "New WhatsApp Sender".

  2. When you submit a business profile, your "Display Name" must be the business name used in the Facebook Business Manager account. Twilio will submit your Display Name to WhatsApp. This is final piece of information that WhatsApp will need to approve to register your number.

  3. You will receive automated confirmation through Zendesk that your Profile Information form has been received.

Approve Twilio to send messages on your behalf

  1. When you receive notice that Twilio has submitted your Display Name and number to WhatsApp, you will need to approve Twilio to send messages on your behalf. 

  2. You will receive an email to "Approve Twilio to message on behalf of" in Facebook Business Messenger. This email usually has the subject "WhatsApp Profile Request."

  3. Go to the Facebook Business Manager console (the one that you submitted in Step 1) and approve Twilio to "message on behalf of." 

  4. You can find this request by following this link, or navigating to business.facebook.com > Business Settings > Requests section. Once there, click the Approve button.

WhatsApp Sender Registration -

  1. After you approve Twilio to message on your behalf, Twilio will complete the registration process to register your WhatsApp sender. You will receive an email confirmation that Twilio has finalized the registration of your profile.

  2. At this point, your Sender is ready to receive messages from customers in production. You can test this by sending a WhatsApp message to your Twilio number and checking the Message Logs section in the Twilio Console

  3. Once you receive a message, you can reply within 24 hours with free-form messages.

Submit Message Templates

  1. To start conversations with new users, or with with existing users who have not sent you a message for more than 24 hours, you are required to use a message template. 

  2. To use a message template, you must first submit it to WhatsApp. To submit a message template, navigate to Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp Templates.

  3. WhatsApp reviews and approves each message template, typically in 48 hours or less, to maintain high-quality content and avoid spam. Once WhatsApp has approved your template, you can use the message template to send notifications.

WhatsApp Connection on Grid

  1. Select the Worksheet you need notifications for on your Grid application, and click on the hamburger (☰) button. A pop-up appears with details regarding the notification mechanism you intend to automate and integrate with WhatsApp.

  2. You can use existing notifications or add new ones by clicking on ‘Add Notification’ at the top right corner of the pop-up. To add a new notification message, you need to fill in a few details, notably :

  • Define Action - Defines the action in your worksheet whose notification is to be conveyed on WhatsApp. At present, there are four different types :

    • Data Entry

    • Data Edit

    • Data Delete

    • Reminder

      After selecting either one of them, click on Next to proceed.

  • Define Requirements - Selects the User or the User Type (role of the user) who will be receiving the aforementioned notification.

  • Define Content - 

    • This is where you enter the Message Template that you require to send to the receiver. The content in the box here has to be the same as one of the Templates declared and approved in the WhatsApp Templates section in your Twilio account. On failure to do so, you will receive an error.

    • If you intend to personalize these templates, you can include a placeholder in the message on your Twilio account before sending it for approval.

    • Copy paste the template into the text box at the ‘Define Content’ on Grid, and click Next.

  • Define Mode - Define the mode of communicating these messages/notifications. Click on WhatsApp option, and fill in the ‘Connect to WhatsApp’ form on the right.

    1. Fill in the details to successfully integrate WhatsApp. The Account SID, Authentication Key and Sender’s Number are all available on your Twilio account dashboard. Continue to fill the Receiver’s Number and a Sample Text to test the connection between Grid and WhatsApp. Click Submit, and you’ll receive a message notifying the successful connection with WhatsApp, on your screen. At the same time, you’ll receive the intended template on your WhatsApp mobile application too.