How to setup REST API Integration?

Grid now allows you to connect your worksheets with any server or cloud-based service that uses RESTful APIs to pass data back and forth. This is a significant feature that truly unlocks some incredibly powerful workflows.

Here are a few examples:

  1. When conducting a survey, you can pass sample/coordinate data collected via Grid mobile app to a dedicated GIS server/cloud service, in real time without any code.

  2. In a production tracking application, you can set up your worksheets to pass check-in/check-out times of your employees directly to your payroll provider to automate payments.

  3. If you receive sales/order information from a third-party provider, you can link that source with an existing Grid worksheet so all your orders from that provider automatically enter your designated Grid worksheet.

Using the REST API Integration feature allows you to send and receive any data, into or out of any Grid worksheet.